What Are Indie Games?

indie games

Independent Video Games are video games which have been crafted by an individual or a small group of people. These games are usually accomplished with their own money as no financial support from a publisher is given to these indie developers. They rely on digital distribution platforms such as Steam or the Xbox Live Store in order to make the public available to the world. Minecraft, Flow, World of Goo & Braid are just some of the many indie games to have become famous.

There is no technical term defining as to what an indie game actually is. However, games crafted in this realm are usually done so by a small group of people or a singular individual. They aren’t just crafting the game for gameplay but they also craft the game with artistic values in mind. Each game in this realm focuses on a specific form of art, then displays in on a grand scale. Blockbuster titles released by Electronic Arts or Activision don’t cater to the artistic needs that every video game requires. Instead, they try to make the game as realistic as possible, taking away from some of the core essences in gaming. Most developers who make indie games also do so with the thought of mind to release their games freely to the public. Profit is often not a reality.


One of the many ways an indie dev will collect funds is through a crowd-funding campaign. Currently, this is mainly done through Kickstarter, a website which has changed the lives of millions around the globe. Indie developers shouldn’t be confused with hobbyist designers either, an indie dev designs a game that is on a grander scale and provides countless hours in entertainment. A hobbyist designer focuses more on creating a map in a game for their own personal enjoyment and releases is a mod.


Indie Gaming became in the early nineties. There was an abundance of technological advancements occurring on a daily basis, these advancements mainly being done through personal computers. As technology advanced, homeowners had access to so much more. There were individuals who immersed themselves into this culture, crafting 2D to 3D Indie games that blew the world away. Those games include Wolfenstein & Doom; countless others could be listed as well. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that these games truly took off and became mainstream around the globe.


The independent video game industry and blockbuster video game industry as entirely separate from one another. Indie developers have always focused on releasing their games through a digital distribution network, having no need to disks what so ever. This means their games can be done so only through Steam, Xbox Live & PSN. Blockbuster titles can be purchased in stores such as GameStop, Target, Wal-Mart & many others. This creates a paradox where two gaming industries work closely with one another but play on entirely different fields. Over the last ten years, the industry has risen to its peak with millions of individuals around the globe accessing their games.


Indie games are the future, the developers behind these games craft worlds that never could have been imagined before. These games give something more than the average consumer could ever wish for and it’s for that reason that these games have been driven to mass popularity.