UK Indie Game Developer – Llamasoft


Jeff Minter, the creator behind Llamasoft was founded back in 1982. Since then he’s been able to create an honorable reputation by producing games that are original in their gameplay, rich in graphics, the action is adrenaline-pumping and the humor is always quirky. Since their beginnings they’ve released thirty games on twenty different platforms, gathering dozens of awards along the way.

After thirty-four years in the gaming industry, this software company isn’t slowing down. The best is yet to come as their continuing their efforts to release new games on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC & Mac. The most popular of their games including Goat Up, Gridrunner, Caverns of Minos and many others.

Llamasoft Games

Goat Up

This game gives players the goal of raising a family of goats. Acting as a Shepard player must lead their flock as high as they can up the mountain, encountering various enemies along the way. Collect hundreds of unique items and play through secret zones in Goat Up. There’s also a sequel to this game named “Goat Up 2”. It adds a twist to the original by adding puzzles, resources management, and new enemies into the mix. Players also can create their own levels in the second iteration of this game.

Super Ox Wars

Super Ox Wars

Players start on a peaceful planet which is then invaded by an opposing empire. Quickly strike back against those invaders with the power of two oxen’s. Players draw power from the Capricious Ox & the Dependable fox in order to power up a ship that’ll blast through enemies. There are ten unique levels of play through, all with various different enemies.


Back in 1982 there was the Commodore Vic-20, one of the oldest gaming stations in history. On that platform is Gridrunner, a beloved & popular game that reimagined arcade gaming.

Five A Day

Five A Day has gamers fly through various clouds that are fluffy in nature, relax through the peaceful scenery as the ambient soundtrack plays. Using bananas, apples, fruits and vegetable players take down enemies who threaten the peaceful landscape.


Caverns of Minos

Caverns of Minos is a game inspired by 8-Bit Gaming. Fly on one of four ships that fly into the depths of twenty-one different caverns. Players must rescue minotaur’s from their depth & bring back the treasures in these caverns.

Minotron 2112

Minotron: 2112 is an update to the legendary game “Minotron”. The game is smoother, faster and in every way better than its processor. 100 levels of adrenaline-fueled, fun & humor arena shooting are available in this game.


Llamasoft is one of the oldest video game developers in history, to this day they still continue to develop new indie projects for their millions of fans. Each game that is released after the last is better in every way, this shows that as a developer there’s nothing that they can’t do or accomplish. As of right now it’s known there making a new title but it’s under wraps, none the less it can be expected that it will be amazing.