UK Indie Game Developer – Jagex


Jagex, a video game developer located in the United Kingdom is considered to be one of the most globally recognized developers. Their critical acclaim is endless thanks to their development model of accessible & free-to-play games. The community of players backing them is millions all around the globe, with that number only growing with each passing month.

Over the years this studio has been a part of developing over forty titles, with three of them being entirely their own. Jagex holds the record for “Most Popular Free Multiplayer Online Game” in the Guinness Book of World Records. The game which gained them that record was RuneScape, a game which is open world and can be played through a browser. This game has been played for more than a decade and still has millions of active users. They’ve also released two other games called “Chronicle: Runescape Legends” and “Block n Load”. Both of which were met with success.

As of 2015, Jagex has celebrated fifteen years in the industry. Operating with more than 450 members on staff, this company stands as one of the largest independent game developers in not just the United Kingdom but the world. They’ve received numerous awards over the years including “UK Games Developer of the Year” & “Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work for”. This demonstrates that this is a company which is upheld by morals & civility, it’s a company that every young developer desires to work for.



Runescape is a fantasy/medieval themed MMORPG. Every day there are millions of individuals around the globe who access this game through their browser. In Runescape you can be a wizard, a knight, a monk, priest, healer, elf, king, queen and so much more. Anything anyone could think about regarding magical Europe will be found in this game. Jagex is consistently adding updates to the game, with the most recent providing an overhaul on the visuals for the first time in years. Other updates include new armor, weapons, locations and more.

Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Chronicle: Runescape Legends in a strategy card based game. Resembling that of the World of Warcraft Card Game, players have a number of different cards that can be used in a deck. Choosing the correct cards at the proper times will have enemy opponents defeated. There’s a game board in the background, with each winning battle players will grasp control over more of the game board until they rule over it all and win the game.

Block n Load

Block n Load is one of the unique games to come from Jagex. The game is set in a Lego/Minecraft world during World War II. Players are put into the position of a blocked soldier who is defending himself against dozens of enemies. Unique visuals, high frame rates, and smooth gameplay all wait through this Minecraft-themed shooter.


Jagex, still to this day stands tall as the most popular independent software developer in the globe. Each game they’ve released to the public has been met with critical success and will continue to be met with that success for the foreseeable future. This is thanks to an abundance of outstanding video game experiences brought on by their unique games.