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Frontier Developments

David Braben, one of the leading men in the video game industry started his career back in 1982. David first co-authored “Elite”, a seminal game that became critically acclaimed. Frontier over the years has been able to keep a diverse track of games that have defined various genres and sold millions of copies. Once working with various top publishers, they now self-publish their own titles. High-quality games, designed with innovation from the start,

Their development process isn’t subpar, instead it includes the industries standard package and their own present day COBRA Tools & Technology Software. Ever since 1988, COBRA has evolved to compete with state of the art graphics with big publishing houses. Cutting-edge gameplay and tools give their games a commodity that no other game developer has to offer.

Elite Dangerous

Frontier has been able to, over time, create a stimulating environment for their developers which maximises their performance. By extracting from various other platforms, leveraging it with their own efforts, Cobras becomes a revolutionary development software. The most recently game to come from COBRA is “Lost Winds”, a beloved indie game available on the personal computer, Xbox and PlayStation.

This software is crafted from the ground up as a cross-platform technology. The coding used allows for the game to be compiled on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, IOS and Wii U platforms. The flexibility in their software stands as a statement to their consistent investment in their own proprietary engine. This is an investment that began back in 1988.

One of the more beloved games to come from Frontier is “Planet Coaster” which is a benchmark game, showcasing the future of themed park simulation games. Players are given the freedom to build endless rides, food courts, service areas and so much more that creating your own theme park seems easily accomplished.

Elite Dangerous, the most famous games they’ve crafted is played on the personal computer. It’s an epic space adventure which has players travel the Milky Way Galaxy, exploring new planets and cosmos for all to enjoy. In 2015 Frontier launched their second massive expansion, allowing for players to drive new vehicles and explore new regions of the galaxy. The game is still being expanded on to this day with a Relaunch Expansion set to be released in 2016. This new expansion is slated to create new gameplay, narrative moments and give an overhaul on the community aspect of this game. Elite Dangerous is available to be played on both PC & Mac. Bounty hunt, assassinate, pirate, explorer, murder and more in this game today.

IOS & Xbox Games Games

Coaster Crazy

Frontier’s first incarnation into the console realm was “Zoo Tycoon” which was released on the Xbox One back in the fall of 2013. Zoo Tycoon was considered to be one of the best standalone games with the Xbox One’s launch. There’re two other games that Frontier has crafted for the Xbox One, those games including Disneyland Adventures & Kinectimals. Both of these games were released on the Xbox 360. Disneyland Adventures allowed for players to craft their own Disneyland without ever having to use a controller while Kinectimals allowed for gamers to experience what it was like to have various pets under their ownership.

Coaster Crazy, an IOS Store based mobile game sends players on an adventure throughout the world and even to the moon. Different locations around our world & the moon allow for players to build a roller coaster empire.