UK Indie Game Developer – Firefly Studios

Firefly Studios

Eric Ouellette and Simon Bradbury in 1999 create Firefly Studios. The goal of this video game studio was to craft real-time strategy or city builder games that could be released to the market. After working in a small room that was rented in South London, the team of two accomplished their goal with the releasing of Stronghold.

Stronghold was met with commercial success and critical claim when it was released back in 2001. They were given awards for being the first developer to merge RTS & City Builder Games together as one. Many other developers had tried but all had failed to grasp the depth of what this game needed. The critical success of this game was so profound that is defeated Grand Theft Auto 3 on Personal Computers. Since then, there have been four different additions into the Stronghold franchise. Each addition has sold roughly two million copies.

Space Colony

Several years later and Firefly would begin to feel the effects of the 2008 economic crash. It caused for funding behind some of their most ambitious games to be taken. Luckily this didn’t stop the developer as they continued to work on a new game called Stronghold Kingdoms. It was released on Steam back in 2012 in its full complete version. Before that though for two years’ hundreds and thousands of players accessed the game in its beta version, showing that even in a recession this developer could still be a dominating force in the industry. Stronghold Kingdoms stood as one of the top ten free-to-play games on Steam for two years in a row.

Today, Firefly continues to remain independent from any publishers. They continue to craft their games from the ground up, using a proprietary engine that they’ve continually provided updates to over the course of the last seventeen years. Regardless of what game they release next, you can be ensured that it will reach immense popularity.

Firefly Games

Space Colony: Steam Edition

Players are sent half way across the milky way galaxy, given limited resources these players must run from a mega-corporation that’s looking over your shoulder. All while trying to pay your ragtag crew their pay cheques.

Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold Crusader 2 was the highly anticipated sequel to the original stronghold crusader. Revealing new graphics & gameplay, it saw players sent to Circa 1189 to develop their castles.

Stronghold Kingdoms

Become a medieval lord in Stronghold Kingdoms. This was the world’s first persistent MMO that focused entirely towards battles in castles. Players can be political, act as a warrior or farm peacefully in this game.

Stronghold Legends

Stronghold Legends is a game which puts a unique fantasy theme on top of the familiar castle theme of Stronghold. The result is players are able to use magic, battle fearsome creatures and play in various factions. There’s a far greater emphasis on combat in this title.

Stronghold 2

Stronghold 2 is the full package; it allows for players to understand truly what it would have been like to operate a castle or siege warfare on it.