UK Indie Game Developer – Datcroft Games

Datcroft Games

Datcroft Games, a video game developer located in the United Kingdom in quickly gaining popularity in the market. This is due to their upheld promise of releasing beautiful games, passionately developed so that every inch seems to breathe taking in its realism. Using up to date software’s, this developer has been able to craft games on stunning beauty such as Legends of Khans. Currently, they’ve got a player database of ten million, with an average of several million playing per day.

Datcroft Games creates their products from scratch, showing that they can design huge world engines that operate on self-sufficient virtual societies. Endless gameplay is available in one of their six games. Due to their immense popularity, Datcroft has been able to create partnerships with leading game companies. Their first partnership began on December 1st, 2005. It would be two years till they released their first game “Fragoria” which still stands as their most popular game to date.

Legends of Khans

During 2009, Datcroft thought it’d be best to start self-publishing their games across Europe. This resulted in the company becoming self-reliant which means there are no external investors, game companies or sources defining as to how the game will be played. Currently, Datcroft Games has over fifty people under its employment in ten different cities across several countries.

Legends of Khans

Legends of Khans, a recent game in this developer repertoire takes place in the medieval times. An upcoming apocalypse is coming, undead warriors rise and destroy landscapes all around. Heroes from around the globe join up with one another to defend the world from this horrific beast. Secretive clues lie deep inside of a book which is buried deep in the tomb of an unknown warrior. It isn’t until receiving this book that the game becomes clear and your position in this world is revealed. That position being the commander & chief of all heroes in Khans.

Pixel Ward

Pixel Ward, Datcroft Games take on the Minecraft hype is a game beloved by its fan base of ten million. Players are sent into a pixelated world where various creatures that lurk in the unknown realms of this world attack you at every corner. It’s the job of the player to defeat this creates so that coins can be revealed and eventually the next round. This is a randomly generated landscape, each new level entered will be unique to you which results is a consistent change in gameplay.

Royal Texas Poker

Royal Texas Poker

Datcroft Games just doesn’t developer mobile or console games, they also craft casino games as well. That casino game being “Royal Texas Poker”. Playing like any other video poker title, players can alter bets, hold, raise or fold in this game. It should be noted that this is a free play poker game, meaning no real money can be won.


Datcroft Games, though limited in their repertoire is still a developer notable in the UK Gaming Development Industry. Using the newest technology available in the country, this developer is able to give unique high definition experiences through their browser. Never do players have to access these games through a download format.