UK Indie Game Developer Blazing Griffin

Blazing Griffin

Blazing Griffin, an independent game development studio based in Scotland was founded back in 2011. Since then the company has grown into a team of three separate groups including television post-production, game development, and film production. Currently, there are twenty-five staff members who are based out of Glasgow & Edinburgh. As this company continues to expand it plans to focus on cross-platform storytelling.

This company owes its success to reviving the classic & beloved video game “The Ship: Murder Party”. This allowed for them to develop other PC Indie games that became AAA performers. This furthered their popularity from PC Gaming to mobile & console gaming as well. Their first casual game was Dino Tribes which was released on the Xbox. The latest game that they’ve got in development is “The Ship: Remastered” which is set to be released this holiday season.

In 2013, Blazing Griffin signed a deal with 20/20 Television, bringing a Kung Fu drama television series called “Legends of the Four Fists”, which is set to run its second season in the coming months. In addition to this show they’ve also been begin famed short films like The Raid & Tusk.

Blazing Griffin Games

The Ship Remastered

The Ship: Remastered

The Ship: Remastered is a complete overhaul & remake of the 2006 classic. Players will be able to explore the original maps & experience the original gameplay. The only difference is that the game is being built on an entirely new engine. Mr. X, a mysterious individual is the one who invites you to the ship. The clause? You must kill someone while avoiding your own killer. Make use of any weapons and be the first to survive in this game.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet gives players the control of a fleet of spaceships, ships that can venture throughout the cosmos. That’s exactly what is done in this game while battling various enemies on different playing fields.


Gentlemen is a local multiplayer game based in Victorian London. It’s a Deathmatch multiplayer game available on PC’s & Mobile Tablets. Using knives, homing pigeons, bombs, and swords, players must kill their opponents.

Dino Tribes

Dino Tribes is a free to play a game based around puzzles. There are dozens of levels available to players. This game is available only on Windows phones. Players have to venture through each puzzle in order to save Dinosaur Babies from an incoming meteor.


APB Retribution

APB Retribution is a tactical shooter with a top-down interface available only on the IOS. It’s a game that’s set in the APB Reloaded universe. Players must choose from an array of weapons & equipment in order to hack, slash, shoot and destroy various enemies in the backstreets of the city. Bosses, clan members of the Horse Clan & various hoodlums will be the enemies who try to take everything from you. The fluid motion, gameplay, and framerate make for an incredible mobile game.


Blazing Griffin has only been around for five years but already have made such a display of their potential to the industry. Every game they’ve released is something which reviewers and gamers have marveled in. You should as well.