The Future of Indie Games

indie games

During the last week, two major announcements have been made in the video game industry. Those announcements being that two of the most beloved engines for video games have become free to use. Unreal Engine & Unity are now both free for developers to use. This has sent shockwaves throughout the industry as this will allow for a leap forward in game development. Indie game developers will now have access to software which crafts Triple a Games. This will result in premium, unique and game-changing titles to be released to the public. The hope behind this announcement for both Unreal & Unity is that developers will have more of an urge towards making a new product.

Kickstarter, a website which allows for any user to backup a project of their choosing has helped provide indie developers with the money needed to craft their games. Ambitious games which would have had to rely on customers to pay for the games development will no longer have to do so. This will only help developers as most people are weary at the idea of funding a Kickstarter project. Bringing indie games to the PC has never been an issue, it’s been releasing the games to consoles that have become the issue. Kickstarter funders pay a fee just to see a game they find interesting one day realized and shipped to their address. It’s a unique process that has helped define the creation of more than 1,000 indie games to date.

The future of indie games doesn’t stand on consoles but instead remain on PCs with Virtual Reality. As Steam & HTC Vive continue to release new VR Products to their consumers, developers won’t need to worry about the idea of four walls. The idea of a never-ending world for the first time can be created, allowing for indie gamers not just to play their favorite games but enter them directly. The ability to move your head & the avatars head will move in the same position or the ability to pick something up in the game with your real hand is something that will define a new genre of indie gaming.

There’s also a future for indie games on mobile platforms. As mobile devices continue to bridge the gap in internal specifications, more and more indie games available on the PC can be played on mobile devices. This will allow for famed games such as Firewatch to have a second life span. There are dozens of indie games that have become incredibly popular through mobile devices, including Angry Birds and The Impossible Game.

Indie Games have been able to provide their gamers with some of the most pivotal, unique and innovative gaming experiences available on any platform. As the market continues to grow, digital distribution will only continue to grow at an exponential rate. Consoles themselves have begun to force their users into the realm of digital distribution as disc format is no longer needed. The Indie Genre is only going to rise to new heights with each passing year.