The 10 Best Indie Games

Choosing which indie game is best for you could be a challenge for any gamer. It tends to involve painful research on hundreds of games that you never become interested in. We’ve decided here at, to provide our consumers with a list of the top ten indie games that can be played through Steam Today. From time to time, we ourselves couldn’t help but be shocked by the plethora of unique experiences that these ten titles brought out. Games ranging from AAA Developers to unknown individuals working from their garage are all available on this list.

Rocket League

Rocket League sets itself out from the rest by being a game that mixes two sports that you’d never think could come together. Players are placed on a football field with a dozen bumper cars for each team. These bumper cars drive throughout the field, using their bumpers to kick the ball to other players and eventually into the net. All that’s needed for this game is to know how to drive with PC Controllers, nothing else.

The Witness

The Witness

The Witness in an indie game which is set in a world of importance & narrative. Those very elements betray the core essence of this game which are line puzzles. There are more than six hundred puzzles to access, each one requiring players to approach the puzzle in a different manner. This indie project delves all around the idea of a learning curve. There’s also the presence of discovering something new to this game in this open-world.


Firewatch sets players out into Shoshone National Park in Wyoming. The character controlled by users is a park ranger that is equipped with an array of skills. Slow-paced in how the car is players, players must explore what will be one of the most beautiful games that the user has ever experienced. There is a two-way radio, which players will speak with regularly to create a narrative and a sense of company. Firewatch is best when it is experienced all on its own, with nothing special about the game revealed to that new player yet.


Superhot is a puzzle game that is disguised as a first person shooter. Players have the ability to freeze time in this game, choosing which various moves they’ll pull off when they’ve unfrozen time. The result is one of the most innovative shooters to be released in years. This feature gives players the chance to punch an opponent, take his gun, shoot his teammate and then consistently shoot towards him. It’s a unique feature that provides immersive gun battles.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami

Imagine an open-world game that’s crafted around the presence of Grand Theft Auto but instead of having an abundance of weapons, you’ve got an abundance of martial arts at your disposal. There is the ability to access various weapons such as nunchucks, katanas, scythes and more. That is exactly what Hotline Miami has to offer indie gamers.

Gone Home

Gone Home is an odd indie title which sets players on an adventure to their original home, where they lived with their parents and sister. The one thing that’s different, the house is empty. This game sees players search the empty rooms, digging through the debris in hopes of finding information regarding as to what happened to your player. At its core, this game is mystery themed and the only goal is to solve the mystery.


Gunpoint in a 2D-Side Scrolling stealth game that sets players on a variety of missions. Each mission consists of a maze filled with alarms, locked doors, and armed guards. Instead of shooting every guard, in this game it’s the dark and slow pacing that act as the best weapons in a player’s inventory. There is nothing about this game that isn’t satisfying, every kill is one that feels like it was made by James Bond himself.


Spelunky in an action adventure game that takes heavily from Indiana Jones & Castlevania. Ever since this game’s release, players have claimed that there is no other indie game as compelling as Spelunky. Players fight through randomly generated caves that are filled with dangers and loot. Each time an enemy is defeated, a gem of gold coin won’t be too far away. This game is all about achieving the highest level of greed possible.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

This game is self-explanatory; players are sent deep into space by NASA themselves. Essentially this game is NASA Tycoon, players can do the math behind each launch and create new bases for NASA to use. Further, then that player can travel throughout our galaxy, landing on rocky planets and experience what it’s like to be a Martian. The final goal of this game is to get back home without any mechanical issues. Essentially this game is a training program for beginner astronauts.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a game which can be considered highly unplayable for a large majority of players. None the less the realism behind the game gets it on this list. Players are tasked with being an immigration inspector at the border of Arstotzka. The job of this individual is to protect his homeland from wanted criminals, terrorists, and smugglers. It’s a game which has players look down directly at their own morals, it’s a game which makes you understand the world slightly better and it’s a game that’s simply fun.