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video-games-1136046_640We have included some interesting articles about the various indie game developers who bring to life this elite segment of gaming. Each includes a summary of the games they have created and what they bring to the table. In addition, we include insights into the present state of indie games, what exactly are indie games and the history and future of indie games.

Indie games are a segment that many can and have appreciated over the years. It is a love for many to find those that are unique and offer a different gaming experience over those more traditional games that are considered mainstream. It is the creative genius behind those games that major companies look to for the creation of some of their biggest titles. It is often said if not for indie games, the state of video gaming would simply be stalled.

If you are looking for some of the best games, then read out Top 10 indie game article. It includes some of the best released to date and includes an overview of each game. You may just find some new games that soon could become your favorites. The love of games is ever present here and one of our favorite resources is casinos.co, which you can click here to visit. It is also dedicated to games with an emphasis on casino games and the many highly rated online casinos that offer them. You will find an abundance of quality games and articles that are sure to be of interest.

As we go forward at Indiegames.com, we will add new articles on game releases as well as relevant information that affects this special world of gaming. Whether it be a new development company that is creating excitement in the industry, new technology that impacts game creation, or simply something we think is interesting and worth sharing with you, our guests.

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